Why is this page here?

With everything the world is feeding us we believe that achieving originality can be difficult. The idea of Head and Hart is to be original and at times say "I'm doin' things my way." It's why we chose to spell our logo Head and HART (all designs on our garments are hand drawn art work).

This page (Be A Creator) serves one purpose which is to encourage originality.


How do I get involved?

Head and Hart wants your help! Since this is a new concept, we want to start simple. We want to encourage your most authentic and original selves by having you submit any ideas you have for future garment prints in the form of artwork. We want to create a sense of community by letting you be a part of the process and by having a say.  


Where do I send my submission?

There are two ways you can do this.

1) You can email us your drawing with the subject line of the email as "IM A CREATOR" to

2) The second way to submit your artwork is to post it to INSTAGRAM and tag us @_headandhart with the hashtag #HEADANDHARTCREATOR


What if I'm not an artist?

That's the point! There aren't any guidelines, rules, or qualifications. A drawing on a post-it-note could be a masterpiece and something we ultimately choose to print onto a garment. Just have fun with it and you do you. That's all we want!


What happens after submit my art?

You can expect to hear back from us within one week. Should we choose to move forward with the art you submitted, we will contact you to discuss further.