Head and Hart is exemplified by a blend of passion and perseverance.

Founder, Alec Merlino, is from the quaint beach town of San Clemente where he grew up embracing the West Coast lifestyle.
 Shortly after graduating college, Alec was on a mission to discover what he was going to do thereafter. During these years, Alec spoke about starting a business that meant something to him and represented something bigger than himself.
Alec says that it takes two things to birth an idea. One being the perseverance to never give up (this is what lies inside your head). And secondly, a passion for something (this is what lies inside your h(e)art). When your Head and H(e)art match, you're unstoppable.
Inspired by the Californian lifestyle, Alec envisioned a casual brand that encompasses the “hip beach look” while offering a product that is also very high quality; something you can wear years from now. Head and Hart fills the void of a brand unique to the coastal culture which also offers comfort and quality. Originating in Los Angeles CA, these threads are made entirely in CA and put through an extensive process until they reach their final state.
The "Hart" part of the name represents the notion that each print is hand drawn art work. Each piece is as unorthodox as your hippie Aunt at Thanksgiving. Designs are never printed in “normal” spots on the shirt which will inspire all of you non-conformists. The small patch of red stitching on the neck is a trademark nuance that acts as a reminder to take chances and live the life you want to live.
Justified in quality, Head and Hart is on a mission to bring you some of the sickest garments you've ever worn. Emotion lies behind most things in life, and it’s our mission for you to truly understand the emotion that we've put into Head and Hart.